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Spectral Hurricane

Spectral Hurricane

Eyes watching her storms

Following a labyrinth of confusion,

A lamb became a lion…

Ripping currents in hope of subsiding her storm…

Riding each of her waves to break her surge…

Twisting truths into lies

In ghostly manipulation

Cowards of gramnation

Hoping to break a heart of a young lioness…

Half moon and stars glowed amongst her surface

Producing strong winds of blessings

For the spectral actions,

Love rescued the catastrophe…

She became the hurricane within her lion

Indestructible, category 5 nobody can fuck with her, she never broke pride…

She blew the herbs

Healing her even more

Sipping the wine of wolves

Commemorating the hate into love’s blissful oblivion… By Shana A. ©️

Love can conquer all… Don’t serve nothing you can’t eat!!! I ain’t even playing no more… 💜👑💋🥂🥰⚡️🌊🌈🧿🌙 #SpectralHurricane

Art by: Natacha Einat

Purple Flames: Inferno of Poetry &

Passions of Love

Available on Amazon, Apple iBooks & Barnes & Noble


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