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Her Nicotine

Happy Thursday, oh how I love hookahs!!! I want to smoke your body like a hookah without even touching you…So that when I touch you, you will be the star that burst in to Pluto…Vibes…💜💋😁💨⭐️💫🪐#HerNicotine

Her Nicotine

On Thursday nights

You lay in the cage of my ribs

As I inhale you

In every keystroke,

Your intoxicating vapors flow through my lungs

Being the nicotine

My heart beats for…

Your fermented mint smoke

Eases my mind

To unwind my fire

Soothing amidst the interspace

While my lady lips

Concoct pineapple julep

For you taste in our hour of discretion,

I’m loving high

In her smoke

Amongst her Pluto sky,

Why ask why…

She’s the nicotine my heart is feening for…that’s why…she’s my hookah smoke… Shana A. ©️

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