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You’re the One

A fairytale love has nothing to do with materialistic and superficial things… It’s a soul connection of being meant to be… Nothing can come in between it! If it a bond, it’s locked solid… You never have to question who the one is… 🔐💜💋🏳️‍🌈🤞🏾 #youretheone

You’re the One

When I say I want a fairytale love,

I want a spiritual bond…

I want a love deeper than the exterior,

High off our mental…connected souls mirrored,

Through airwaves

You’re the one

In melodic frequencies,

It is you

Speaking to my soul…frequently…

I channel the magic in stars

Wishing our feelings are mutual,

I gaze at the moon

Hoping this feeling is spiritual…

I want to fall hard like a comet

I want fly high as a rocket…

Embedded through Jamaican crochets hugging your waist,

The only essence you want to embrace…

You’re the one

I fantasize of everyday,

You’re the one

I want to cool my erotic heatwave

Feeling the extent of me in every passionate way…

You’re the one

I don’t care what anyone say,

Let us fall in love,

Riding our own Milky Way…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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