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World of August

World of August

Clouded but not cloudy

You was felt in a crisp breeze

In fair humidity, August became a part of my petals…

Unexpectedly, I plush passively into your existence

Draped in black & gold

Hugged in leopard…

It was the day everything I understood about love changed,

Deeper than infatuation, a soul tie…infinite connection…

Curiosity spawn between us

Both craving each other’s presence,

Feelings that feel without understanding

Loving beyond the restraints

You became a part of my world,

With no approval…no words

We just loved,

Not in the likes of the average

Rare, this was beyond average…

I blossomed as you watched pieces of my personalities, bloom into my own individuality,

Learning to love all of me…

Our souls dance with love

Waiting for the mind & bodies to transform…conforming to the universe intentions,

For your hands to caress my temple…

Feeling my outer layers…entering a new linear…

In seven days before birth I relive the seven days we met after,

I found parts of me I never knew existed

Changing my world to new positions,

With a love only we can decode

In one blink of an eye, I became her,

The day August made love to my soul… By Shana A. ©️

💜😘💋🥰🪐✨ #WorldofAugust


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