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With My Soul

With My Soul

I opened my soul to you, that’s when I knew I could trust you… Beyond staring at the stars and the moon, with my soul, we became each other’s universe…

It wasn’t the digits in your bank account I was after,

It wasn’t your social status that I admired,

It wasn’t the search of being a power couple…

It was simply the way you loved me…

You loved me differently, making me a priority,

You loved me before words were spoken… I felt you before names were misspoken…

Filling the void in my cosmo

You opened your eyes to my soul

Climbing deep into my universe, making me feel whole…

Finding out my triggers to calm me

Finding out my fears to influence me

Finding out what makes me happy

So that I can glow with a smile

Embracing love, ignoring the negativity of the world…

You made me a factor

The only sunflower you was after,

You made me forget I had an ex

The only thing I was looking for was you to be next…

You took care of my heart by loving me for me

Being honest enough not to mislead,

You saw past my imperfections

Making them the realm of your obsession…

Deeper than the eyes can see

We built a bond neither one of us can leave…

With my soul

I love every part of who you are,

Even through your cocky ego

I saw the softness of love…

If love is all you have to offer

With my soul I’ll give you the world,

A world of love nourishing our souls…

You entered my galaxy

Floating for eternity,

Within my soul we shine out the darkness,

Our love is that powerful…

With my soul, our love can not grow old,

You are forever a part of my universe…

By Shana A. ©️

I trust you with my life! There’s a story behind my name, I also misspoke your name at first 😂, but we still loved in our own unique way… With my soul I’ll love you for eternity… Let your soul hear me past these words!!! 💜🥰🏳️‍🌈🌻🌹 #WithMySoul

Back on vacation… 💜✌🏾

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