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Walk Through Your Fire

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

A lot times people will listen to negativity because it’s easier to process and believe. Here’s the real truth. We all have made and will continue to make mistakes when it comes to love. Love is something nobody really can advise you on. Everyone journey is different.

Sometimes you have to stop taking advice and leave those negative opinions alone and do what feel good to your soul. Even the most happiest couples have their issues so no one can tell you what you need to do when it comes to love. Sometimes the best way to conquer love is to simply love. I’ve definitely made my share of mistakes. Guess what it all paid off for me every mistake made me stronger and now I’m rewarded with a woman that can give everything I can we’re the completion of each other, so I paid my dues to receive what I needed at the right time.

Everybody will always have something to say about what you should do but they don’t know your story. Your exes can’t even speak about you because you’re most likely not the same person you was when you was with them. Sometimes I gave too much but honestly it wasn’t a mistake because I never went hungry, broke or in dire need of anything. I’ve been blessed so every time I’ve helped someone I won in the long run. I’m a true lover and when I love someone I want nothing but the best for them. Nobody or no one will ever tell me who or how I should love someone.

Please be mindful of the negative energy you feed your soul because ask yourself if that person is even in a position to give you advice. I’ve seen people suicidal giving other people advice. So come now this is your life and do what make you feel good. Stop crying and stressing over temporary problems and just enjoy life. Live, take the chances because everything you do is teaching you to evolve even in your mistakes.

When you try to be perfect you fall backwards so take your wins and losses and use it to move forward. Just wanted to spread the love and light. Live your life how you want. Life is too short not too! I’ve stayed single to let love guide me. Stop letting negativity consume your mind. Follow your heart & destiny…Take care good people…💋💜💜🙏🏾 #Shanaa #love #lovestory

The flames of love can’t be advised by anyone… You walk through your fire to prevail in your journey… By Shana A. ©️


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