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We can always judge what seems to be the obvious, but what about learning what’s not spoken… You never know what people are battling, learn to be kind!!!

Usually the real story and truth isn’t spoken because people don’t take the time to pick the mind directly from the source… We are living in times where jealousy is the ruler of evil.

Lies and misleading information is always loud, to be convincing… Therefore, It’s easy to be misled.

I’ve won and lost battles proudly…

Every battle I lost I gained something more valuable… I had a huge loss last month that nobody knew of. I could have cried in self-pity or gave up but I didn’t. I took it like a Boss which led me to gaining an opportunity twice as better yesterday evening…A hidden blessing…

When you give love and good energy the universe will take care of you. Have faith!!!

I don’t do New Year’s resolution but those of you who do; In the New Year instead of manipulation, hate, spying/stalking people or hearsay; How about learning directly from that person. Avoiding half truths that leave you galloping in confusion and spreading false information…

Give to others the expectations that you’re expecting. Seeking clarity instead of assuming, that’s adulting!!! Just wanted to share words of wisdom. I’m at an age where hate & immaturity don’t vibrate in my frequency… No need for feedback, y’all have a lovely day… 🧿🧿🧿🙏🏾💋 💜😀

Until the unsaid is spoken, spying will only leave you confused and broken… By Shana A. ©️ All rights reserved

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