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Updated: Apr 8

My love is rare as this eclipse… I’m a huge astronomy lover, stargazer…

Tomorrow make sure you enjoy this rare TOTAL solar eclipse that we will only witness once in our lifetime. Where the moon and sun appears to be the exact same size on the same axial blocking the earth from solar light…

The sun, the most powerful biggest star in our solar system controls our climates and the photosynthesis of natural growth. We couldn’t exist without it. The most precious part of our solar system…

The sun Is 400 times further than the moon. Tomorrow we’ll get to see the sun and moon at the perfect distance away from each other between earth resulting in the sun appearing to be the same size as the moon causing total darkness when they collide into an eclipse. I love the energy of both the sun and moon, but the sun is my energy… I’m so happy to see this beautiful cosmic totality… #totality

Between totality you will find the magic of my essence shining with the sun amongst the eclipse of your darkest hour…

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