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Talking Eyes

Talking Eyes

If my eyes could talk

You wouldn’t speak goodbye

You would unearth the truth of my desires in the depth of my cornea,

If this heart could contravene your spell

I would object to not having loved you,

If these eyes could talk

You would find my only fear is never being able to discern your heart,

Never being able to gaze into your pupils

Divulging how much I adore the savage in you…

If my eyes could talk

There would be no dubiety of my motives

For you would have unbolted the gate to my soul

Where all your answers lie open,

Obtaining forgiveness in the retina of my eyes

Where the color of truth resides,

Where the past is non existent

Leading to a tunnel of new beginnings…

Instead of talking

Look into my eyes,

Let our eyes talk

Inhaling our enigma

Where no goodbyes can speak

Only the vision of love is leaked,

If these eyes could talk

You’d release all doubt

Saying hello

Over & over in my talking eyes…

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