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Take the Risks

Only you can let others interfere with the power of love… 💜 #taketherisks

Take the Risks

Will you step into cold waters with me, Warming the atmosphere with our chemistry???

I guess what I’m trying to say is, will you let me love you?! Taking the risks that reward inner healing. I can place blame, but what difference will it make. The love that’s been preserved will still want to flourish. I can dig into my bag of tricks to avoid these risks. Yet, it won’t satisfy the urge to feel you climbing into my soul.

I whether take the risk than to let love sit. It feel better than to sit at the endless abyss where my heart will stay chained in darkness…

Will you drop your ferocious ways, if I lay you in my vulnerability. If I tell you, you mean the world to me. I want you to be the arm picking me up from my fall. Securing my back when it’s turnt. When I fall into darkness your moonlight will guide me. Can I trust you with the unspoken, to mend what’s been broken…

Maybe it’s worth taking the risk to love, to see that it’s the key to victory. Spreading hope throughout the valleys that gave up on true love frequency…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️💜


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