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Springtime Love

Updated: Mar 25

Love is all over me… In heart, spirit and mind which is why I’m protective of it… 😄💋🏳️‍🌈🧿👸🏾💜💜💜💜

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Springtime Love

In a gentle blow

You whispered love into my life as the season changed,

Lavender filled my spirit…

From the darkest grey to yellow and purple lilies…

I danced away the rain breathing in the sunlight

Escaping winter’s hiss,

Thawing out the frost bite

Into the greenery of butterflies sniffing bliss…

When lovebirds serenade my heart of your song,

Gazing at the clear skies

Humming along….

Stars sparkling in our eyes,

Love blossomed to my surprise,

The warmest sensation

Having you,

My springtime awakening,

Leaving behind dull skies

Cold chills of brittle prise,

I now frolic in lilac

From sunrise to sunsets

Holding you on calm seas

Embracing love

In a season I won’t regret…

By Shana A. ©️

This is my fictional yet nonfictional fairytale…

I designed the front cover of the book….

The book cover is my character Cairo…

Created, written and published by me Shana A. ©️ Lesbian Erotic Poetry

She’s her flame to an empty blunt… Cairo is her Mary Jane without the smoke…

All rights reserved…


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