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2/3 I had to learn the hard way, when someone want you, it will never be a guessing game. If they love you they would never abandon your love or leave you wondering. That’s a quiet rejection!

Even if they just want your presence in their life they will make it happen. Chasing after someone is how your feelings get hurt. Not only could you be chasing someone that don’t want you, you could be chasing what God is blocking from you…

The love that is for you will be!!!

Love is when that love is so strong y’all can’t be without each other you almost feel sick and by any means necessary y’all will try to be together. The moment you accept that person not being in your life, you’ve rejected their love and no one should have to chase that… #Release 💜🙏🏾 #LateNightThoughts #2amthoughts💋


It was the moment you felt I should chase you, that allowed me to let go of the pain, releasing our love into the wind, returning it back to the universe…then the sun shined again… by Shana A. ©️

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