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When I see how you look at her

The realization tugged my soul,

Blocking me from moving closer

Pulling me away from unachievable hope,

For you are made for her…

I hope my words only caressed your soul

Not to confuse your celestial globe,

The way you love her should stay in gold

For you two are one soul…

I may always have love you

I only hope now that I let go

I’ll be blessed with the same love…

A woman that looks at me like I’m her world…

I understand why you couldn’t love me

Why you couldn’t be a friend and hold me,

Why we couldn’t talk for clarity, you were already happy…

God spoke to me

Healing my soul for what can’t be…

A fool for love rewarded me,

In ways I can’t hold regrets,

I’ll never hold hate in my heart, for you choosing what’s best…

If our galaxies ever collide

Now that I’m out from hiding

May we keep floating by

Waving hi only in peace

Never to look back at those painful memories…

Final words into 2023 for a new start…

May you all be blessed enough to release what you need to let go into the New Year… People will always have opinions on what you do or did. Do it anyway! Everything is for a reason in life and not for everyone to understand. Trust me their life is no where near perfect to judge yours. Write in your truth, it’s worth more than writing fake bs… Let go of people you can’t properly love. Don’t play games with their heart!

Realization is a blessing and the universe always know when it’s time to let go… Hurt people, hurt people so when you see that your hurting someone please get help to heal… 💜🙏🏾😘💋🥂🏳️‍🌈

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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