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Real Blame

Place the blame where it should be, I never cared about any other woman but you in the past 5 years and you stomp on that shit… Why I stay away! I didn’t even love my ex! Only 2-3 poems slightly written of her, that should show how much I didn’t care… That’s some real shit for you!!! Peace, I’m off to paradise now… Delivering the real shit… No hard feelings, this life! I’m living life off social media where the realness lives… ✌🏾💜😄🌈🏳️‍🌈🌙 #RealBlame

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Real Blame

Let’s sprinkle the blame for seasoning…

It’s because of you my pen can no longer spill love for you,

The hawk eyes in sarcasm disguise,

Manipulation of wrongful speculation

An ongoing fly in a birdcage

Avoiding who hurt me the most,

Paradise dreams turn to nightmares of breaking free…

Purpose served to let go of who I didn’t love

To only be hurt over and over by the one I adored…

Love knocking at my door

Fear of answering

From the damage YOU provoked…

Sprinkling a little more seasoning,

My way of love didn’t mean a thing…

You wanting realness hiding from the real thing,

Does the reason taste better

I can drip some more blame

From the ongoing games…

Now this love isn’t the same,

I’ve healed in pain

To love again,

In a love that won’t place any blame

She see my passion

Diving in…

No waiting-no watching

Or harassing creativity

Tasting the depth of me

In a palate of ecstasy…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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