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Passion Overdose

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Passion Overdose

Baby, I want you to overdose on me…

I’ll walk miles barefooted in windy rain before I let go of love. Let our passion pour in between all the layers of me. Unearthing parts of me you keep learning… Your love became my home when you brought me peace in a world of wars.

Your love is what consoles me on dark nights when owls hoot their love between trees. Adoring my laidback personality… When I close my eyes my soul is clouded of our memories. Where laughter and joy greet us in the sight of each other. When the birds woke me from wet dreams of you. When my reflection, mirrored you. We’ve been the enigma of each other. The most fascinating form of love that continue to evolve into stories. Rebirthing this love in new lunars… I think, feel and breathe of you. I can taste you, and when I need hugs your touch embrace me. You taught me something I lost along the way, to love myself first. Which is why I couldn’t stay! You gave me the greatest love. Returning what was stolen in life proverbial phases. I only want to reward you in love.

Opening the corridor to new beginnings. Escaping mistakes and outgrown seasons… I became one with you from a distance. I felt your emotions entangled into mines, as one. I never been alone. I never been single. You captured my heart many years ago and the only thing I needed was nourishment.

You’re dwelling in the center of my passion. Everything I spawn is surrounded by love. You encouraged me to be better, to be stronger. Days when I’m feeling weak just the thought of you get me going. I only want to rest on your breasts, but never put this love to rest. I can’t let love die if I wanted to. Our love keep being reborn in segments. I’m not in charge of the universe’s destiny. Our love is the passion that will forever rotate in the galaxy… An explosion of passion. Out of our control, so why fight it… A passion forever burning, like magic… By Shana A. #shanaa #lesbianeroticpoetry #lesbianlove #lgbtq #lesbianromance #vacation


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