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Love’s Sweetness

Because I fell out of love with toxic love. I’m only attract to sweet love… 💜💋🏳️‍🌈 #lovessweetness

Love’s Sweetness

Swathe me in a warmth of love I never felt before…

A feeling my heart has longed for…

A love gentle to my sweet nectar

In kisses submerged in my juicy passion…

The type of love whispering sweet essence in my ear

Nurturing any uncertainties,

In a kind of love holding me dearly into the late night

Distracting me from the starving wolves howling

Under our romantic candlelight…

Flying across the world

Watching the sunsets in different continents,

In peaceful awakenings

Basking in each other’s differences,

Showing me things the eyes & heart has been missing

Embodying me in a love…intriguing to my senses…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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