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Journey Home

Journey Home

My mind, body and soul has yearned to frolic in your truth…

To validate this connection that I belong to you…

I dug deep in my essence searching for you,

I curved dark corners fighting boulders hoping to be next to you…

Take me back to love

Where the lavender dances alongside sunflowers…

Nurturing the rays of love, deeply rooted in our soil

Healing the time loss with the tip of your touches

Stimulate my mind secured in your arms

Melting into your seductive kisses

Tongues tied exuding my wishes,

Calming the songs of my heart…

Where silent nights howl desires under the moonlight; to the melody of our love…wrapped in nude delight…

Disrobe me…breathing love all over my voluptuous body

Awakening me into the reality

That our souls have finally bonded as one, on every level

Making our darkness bliss into the sun…

On sleepless nights it was the 3am glow from your lioness eyes that kept my fire ignited,

I heard your soul weeping for me

and I’ve answered in distance

Directing you back home to me…

We tinkered in silence…

Now we’re shivering in tranquil passion…after a long journey

Welcoming you home, where true love meets the fantasy… By Shana A. ©️

She loves in silence, until what’s deserved in action, to bring her home… No filters… #journeyhome 💜🙏🏾🌹💋

This was my part of a collab with J.J. Celli we read live on her Greatness with Greatness Interview Sunday. Check it out!

Purple Flames: Inferno of Poetry &

Passions of Love

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*I don’t own the music played just the words*


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