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I Whether Be Toxic

I whether be toxic baby… Love me or leave me alone…Mindset!!! 💜🏳️‍🌈🧿💋🌙🥂😁👑⭐️#iwhetherbetoxic

I Whether Be Toxic

Toxic, who defines whose toxic

In this world of toxins and self toxic attributes

In disguising the truth

To settle in comfortability when the heart desire more passion, some chose what’s acceptable…

I choose to speak my heart freely…

Regardless of acceptance

Resulting in labeling me, toxic…

When I’m the sweetness that you crave

The spice that ignite your flames…

How am I toxic

When my words echo your mind

Your words left a scar

“You would only hurt me”

Leaving pain & mystery

Spawning a web of trapped feelings

That exploded through poetry…

I am not my past

I released the toxins breaking free from their web…

Now I’m watched, craving my caramel essence in the darkest hours

Me being the flavor that can only empower,

Fear wins…

Words stolen to compete in robotic passion,

Toxic mentality speaking again

Afraid to dance with sugar & spice

Choosing to rot in molasses

Stuck to the grim in comforting lake placid,

What can you do for me that would make me enjoy dancing in the pain of heartache & misery…

I’m the fire your body yearns for

The taste that water your pores

The sensual goddess you feen for

Holding the crown that’s the Queen of yours and my own realm

The abode of your soul

Past the flesh where honey can’t go…

You will continue to crave me…until you change,

Missing loves rage

The rage that fulfills you

The toxin that’s good for you,

Maybe the prayers aren’t answering because the one person that can make you feel whole

You’re calling toxic…

I whether be toxic

Living in my truth

Instead of hiding

If you can’t love, you can’t do anything for me,

I whether be toxic

Than spending my life craving for the main component made to complete me…

I whether be toxic because being toxic set me free, living the life that’s made for me… The truth of the past freed, I whether be toxic, if that’s me being me…Happy being free…

All rights reserved and spoken by Shana A. ©️

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©️ Lesbian Erotic Poetry

All rights reserved and spoken by Shana A. ©️


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