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I Am Woman, I Am She

I am Woman, I Am She

Centuries, women have been deprived by men

To live up to their expectations that belittles our true existence,

In a government of man made rules they still hold higher position, policing our bodies for narcissistic propositions…

Jobs taken to feed the egos of masculinity

Slaves to the household

To heed his needs…in their own vicinity,

Well I’m a lesbian

I take no orders

Catering to court orders,

I talk provocative

I dress sexy

I do whatever to feel classy…

Not for a man, but for me

I am woman…I am she…

The strength bearing the children of the future

Leader of the house

Whether I choose not to have children,

I am beyond equal…

No longer imprisoned by approvals,

I live in my skin

To not forsake my own happiness…

Whatever I decide to do with my body

Whoever I decide to love is my prerogative,

I am woman,

Not lost in translation

Hiding blemishes cutting my body for perfection,

If she chooses, that’s her discretion…

I’m nobody’s trophy

I am the beauty of nature,

Big or small

Even in sin I am the feminists of the creator…

Living each day of life

That a man couldn’t bare to handle…

So who are you to tell me what I can do

I am woman…I am she,

I do what I want to… By Shana A. ©️

I don’t care what anyone think I’m gone do what I want to do because I am she… I’m disgusted with this country… I don’t celebrate the Fourth of July but y’all have a great weekend… 💜💋🙏🏾🏳️‍🌈🌻

Purple Flames: Inferno of Poetry &

Passions of Love

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