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For Me

Happy Saturday… Let love lead!!!

I had my social media fun today back to business… 💜💋🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾🧿👑 #forme

No makeup, unfiltered type of day… 😊✌🏾

Check out Tuesday & I collab post before this reel…

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Words and spoken Shana A.

For Me

For me, the arithmetic of love is chemistry…

A love that is judgment free,

The past released,

Living in the moment where our hearts carry us

Into new possibilities,

Showing us that love is the only power our souls need…

For me, I want passion so explosive when our eyes meet our lips can’t resist…

I want our love to be free,

Seasoned with sugar & spice

Relieved of overthinking

Blessed with the magic to sustain disagreements…

I want imperfect perfect love,

Free to live in life transitions

Free to speak our minds

Freed of being captive,

For me, I need a friendship,

To feel safe in telling you things you might not want to hear,

Into words that send shivers through your ears…

I want love in love’s simplicity

Where I can be me

An equal fraction of loyalty & honesty,

The balance of falling in love over and over

In the equation…keeping us happily together…


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