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Flaming Craving

Flaming Crave

To lay in this firestorm from two souls creation

The equation of one

Ablaze to my senses…

Feeling your flames in romantic heatwaves,

I transformed to the elegance of love…

Enchanted by your huntress spirit,

My oddity ignited the marrow of your desires

I stare into the mirror in reflection of your fire…

Waiting for the flaming crave

To burst into a sensuous rave

Hoping my rain don’t douse the flames…

My love, I long for your essential being

To lay amongst my sun-kissed bosom

Whispering words that flicker warmth to your gem…

In a firestorm we became swans

Identical in fidelity

Falling in love in our rarity…

Turning fire into beauty

In fruition of an after glow,

Becoming the heated storm…I never want to let go…

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All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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