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Excuse Miss

Excuse Miss

I know you love me,

Watching every move

Like bots throwing…feuds…

Beauty behind the beast

A spell casted you can’t defeat…

It pains you to see her shine

See her winning with kindness

Striking demons with wings of fire,

Excuse miss

Your words can’t cut a heart of lion

I’m the bird that flies

Cutting your hateful strings of lies

While you watch me soar the skies…

Pecking snakes eyes in the blink of an eye

Excuse miss

You believe what I lead you to

To expose the stalking

You’re obsessed too…

Spreading fake love that never bleeds the truth

I got wings of an angel…I can hug you,

Heal your hate

Your subject too…

Or burn you with the fire that lies in my soul

When my hell froze over...

Excuse miss

I’m just getting started…

Your voodoo bleeds jealousy

Watching me love what’s scheduled to be,

I’ll never return to hell when heaven awaits me…

Let me polish these crowns that’s waiting on me…

Excuse miss

Keep watching me

You and your gang that never can’t stop me,

My wings only keep growing

I burned the phoenix and rose from the ocean…

Excuse miss

I’m just loving off my love potion… By Shana A. ©️

It’s just poetry… Be better than a bully!!! 🤣🤣🤣 5 minute spill… Okay I had fun, getting ready for Cabo for Pride make sure y’all follow Chicago Cousins Traveling new videos coming, I’ll post pictures later… Love y’all!!! 💜💋💯🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾😀#ExcuseMiss

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