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Erotic Picnic: Collaboration with Tuesday Harper

I truly thank you Tuesday for collaborating erotic greatness with me… I gave her the bait and she reeled it in… Check out Tuesday’s new spicy book; Queen of the Banished: The Awakening…  Great things to come for the future for us my dear friend…  💜💋🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾

All rights reserved By Both Shana A. & Tuesday Harper…

You can also read the writing on my website blog section

Erotic Picnic

She lead me into the best Saturday afternoon. Guiding my hand blindfolded through a pathway leading to a secluded beach. The gentle breeze blew my white sundress, revealing the radiancy of no underwear. The curls of my hair dance along to nature’s seductive melody. Once we stopped walking, I could hear the waves singing to the tune of ecstasy… She setup a romantic escapade. A picnic basket of goodies and champagne on top of a large purple blanket…

I packed the picnic basket full of food, but could only think about dessert. With one hand, I grabbed the uncorked champagne. With the other, I lifted her dress and unwrapped my special treat. She gasped for air. Half surprised that I had the champagne bottle between her legs. Half turned on. I massaged her clit with the rim of the bottle until it started to throb. Teased her until her sweet excitement glazed the bottle. I took a greedy sip, savoring the hints of her mixed with the bubbly. The sweetness was overwhelming in all the best ways. I wanted and needed more.

I moaned a huge sigh of relief… My thighs were soaking wet, throbbing for more. I twirled her dreads around my index fingers, slowly pulling her closer. My eyes mesmerized her lips to passionately indulge in my love child glossed lips. Our tongues tangoed to a beat stripping her out her shirt. I nibbled my way to her breasts taking turns fulfilling each nipple in whipped cream satisfaction. I grabbed the grapes and rubbed them around my clit. Soaking them in my flavor. Feeding them to her while stroking her nipples with the tip of my tongue. She moaned of joy to my taste. Slowly pulling off my sundress, she climbed backwards on top of me for both of us to feast…

Collapsing next to her, I had the evidence of my greed and her pleasure smeared all over my face. I licked the remnants of her and savored the flavor. She did the same, sucking her fingers. Both on our backs, we squinted up at the warm sun as the up and down of our chest slowed. The adrenaline had faded, but my body buzzed with satisfaction. My heart fluttered as I turned to see the smile on her face. The grumble of our stomachs interrupted the sweet moment and made both of us squeal with laughter. I grabbed for the picnic basket. It was time for us to eat some real food.


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