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Embarking Your Feelings

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

How long will I keep going to Mexico, waiting on you to explore other countries… Happy Poetry Day… Passion! 😊💜💋🙏🏾 #embarkingyourfeelings

Embarking Your Feelings

I been waiting to embark into your feelings

A paradise of laying in your real intentions,

Where your masculinity is not needed

To be lesbians

Trusting that I’ll caress every bud of passion we seeded…

I’ve planned my adventures with you in mind

To journey places

I wait for you to accompany my side…

Releasing the softness of your feelings

Letting love lead the way without overthinking,

I can travel these seas alone,

Without you the fantasy won’t last long,

I want to awake in your arms

Twirling your dreads around my thumb

Humming to your sweet hum

Letting my bosoms be where you succumb

Cuddled in our feelings we neglected for too long…

I’m ready to lay into your feelings

Then I’ll fall into submission,

Giving you my window seat to ecstasy

In paradise intimacy…

Showering into my celestial

Taking you to places you never heard,

Gémissementîng dans différentes langues d'amour sensuel

Let your feelings explode,

This way our voyage can move forward…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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