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Disappeared Past

1/3 Sometimes we wait too long or we let negative thoughts block us from going after what we fear because of past mistakes. Life isn’t meant to settle it’s meant for you to live and trust in love… I whether he single then to settle in a relationship that my not happy in… I brave to let go of what no longer serves my happiness… Self love!!!

The interesting part so many people settle in unfulfilled relationships because of their past mistakes. Actually what many don’t know is; going after what you fear usually is the best outcome…

Let love lead but it takes two to tango… Allowing your past to disappear gives you the strength to face your fears… #DisappearedPast 💜🙏🏾 #LateNightThoughts #2amthoughts

Disappeared Past

My footprints disappeared after every step of walking away from what don’t belong to me…each step swallowed my burdens into sea… By Shana A. ©️

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