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Burning Tide

On vacation but here’s a glimpse of my energy… In patience, you attract what you deserve, letting go of what no longer serves a purpose surrendering to true love!!! They say when a writer is truly happy they don’t have much to write about but the past or fiction, I don’t go by what “they” say... My past has died with no more words left to express but the love of the future…

Real love is found, it is there for you in your time of need without words, it’s not forced, it is accepting of every part of your being in secured honesty. Following the heart’s desire with all the lessons learned lead with self-happiness is the best relationship… A relationship is not meant to be perfect nor is it meant to settle for comfortability. We go through bad relationships to change us and prepare us for the right one… Accepting change is a part of life. We was born to live not to be perfect and life is meant to evolve and take risks and even after your heart has been broken you should continue to move on and love again… As you age things change, we are not meant to stay the same. I’ll be returning in the late Spring, I’ll catch up with everyone then… Positive energy… Same sex love… 🏳️‍🌈💜💋🌹 😀🙏🏾🏳#BurningTide

Part 2 of Purple Flames has a twist and will be out later this year as I take my time to deliver this amazing story…

Every word written before today washed ashore in the burning tide of despaired desires, surrendering into a love that nurtures the heart… By Shana A. ©️

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