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Artistic Portrait

I’ll read to you soon…I’m tired, I’m doing a million things. I need to sleep for two days…on the brain… 🤞🏾😁💋🏳️‍🌈💜 #artisticportrait

Artistic Portrait

I daydream of you from the glare of my sun,

Being next to your freshness

Tasting my effervescence,

Interlocked between your golden links,

You remind me of converse of a skateboarder’s essence

With musical beats of your divine quintessence…

I’m riding your astral plane of Neptune energy

High off you ever since your Valentine’s synergy,

I’m falling into the creases of your dimples,

You’re far ahead in your lane

A retro influencer…outkast of the game…

I can paint words of you everyday…

You are the equation of extraordinary dopeness

It’s the beauty mole above your lips I want to kiss

Into your lightening bolt of fire

Painted within your cool aura

Your inner yellow glow

Posed around your pigeon toes,

Can you feel…hear my magic

Alluding past the cross dangling from your ear

Into your smiley faces

From your hands back to your ear,

I am your poetess

You are now my artistic portrait…for real…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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