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Alchemist Wants


Alchemist Wants

Did you know I was an alchemist, I’m known for turning despair into magic…but now I’ve left despair for manifestations…

This alchemist want adventure,

I want to be your dominatrix and your healer,

Your cupcake and your teacher…

I want the potion of love I can’t ignore, with passionate sex in cities around the world,

I want my alter ego freak unleashed

I want late nights of poetry

With you in the front row seat

Headlining every word I speak…

I want to be filled up in your energy

With your fragrancy submerged throughout my body…

I want the intensity of not be able to wait,

When we fog the windshield in heated escapes…

I don’t want ordinary love,

I want an incomparable love,

I want to lick your dirty thoughts,

Be your dose of everything right,

Your sugar…and more spice,

Licking my hot spots into paradise,

Rocking our boats into the hours of twilight…

I want to be the alchemist you need,

Turning your world into the magic you crave… #alchemistswants

Everything is written by Shana A. ©️

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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