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90’s Chords

I deserve a love that’s magical… Where we trust our feelings and the alignment of what the universe is signaling… Godly, where you can look into my eyes and feel I’m the woman for you…

In the 90’s love wasn’t about superficial things. It was about following your heart. Learning a person from them directly and you just fell in love. I haven’t had true love like that since the 90’s…

My stud girlfriend was a basketball player and we were aligned to meet. We both felt the energy and just fell in love before physically meeting. We knew we were in universal synchronization...

Once we meet it was a powerful union. Where everything we was hoping was confirmed… Unfortunately, we just were too young for a serious relationship. We hadn’t found ourselves yet, but those two years of love was magical. What’s for you is for you, but you can’t be afraid to feel it.

Nowadays we are basing love off pointless things in life. Then we wonder why we aren’t happy in those relationships or why you keep jumping from one woman to the next or stuck in a mess… I don’t want a love that’s trying to use me for their benefit!!!

Love for me have to be magnetic, where I can’t doubt it. Where I can be free in loving her. Where the energy is so powerful…

I can’t settle for just anyone anymore. I don’t care about popularity status, how you look, but please be an attractive woman with great hygiene... 😄

I care about your spirit. How you treat people, how you see things in life. Do you love animals and nature? Will you travel to see the world… I’m a different type of woman. I don’t need nobody to take care of me, but I do want love in its security…a love where I can be free in being me…💜🌹💋🏳️‍🌈 #90schords

Love lingers between the magical chords of your spirit, like summer days in the 90’s falling into a heatwave of love without overthinking…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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