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Your Eyes

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Your Eyes

Within every morning, I want to rejoice from your love,

Being the vision of your Aurora, Your Goddess of Dawn…

In your eyes, I want to awake in your adulation,

Amongst lavender skies into cloudless night,

Stargazing wishes that our love will transcend into eternal lifetimes…

I want to be the completion of your destiny,

Filling your cloudy days with laughter,

Falling into my dulcet voice harmonizing you to rest in my arms when you need compassion…

Laying gently into romantic escapades of blissful rewards,

For in your eyes, I’m the Queen of your world…Flying across countries resting on different colored sand beaches

With a melodic soul to play songs that reflects our love…

I want to be the answer to our dreams left incomplete, to triumph to the top of the mountain peak…

Being your surge of energy when you feel weak

Your ray of sunshine when storms peek,

In your eyes we are oneness

A glow of eloquence,

With admiration to future generations…

When we’re apart I want to feel you across oceans, seas, across interstates with a swift of a breeze…

In your eyes, I want to be your everything…Your euphoric high, your rainbow on dark nights…

I want to be your fairytale ending,

In your eyes, I’m what you’ve been missing…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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