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Your expectations

Your Expectations

Your expectations ain’t me,

To be an erotic super hero

Feeding words for the hunger of your soul needs,

Cliché I can’t be

I can only be me

When self-righteous poems are banned

I’m dishing words that feed my own soul, setting myself free…

I control the patterns of my destiny…

Viral likes for poets that trend the same newsfeed

In routine inspiration everybody speak,

I’m a feminist renegade doing what’s best for me,

Plotting on goals to make me financially free…

1 million likes, no that’s not for me,

Being real to the world is how I want to be

Leaving my legacy out the grave carved by me,

TikTok and instagram famous with no ownership of property

No dollar for each follower

Or likes they plea…

My success will be built differently,

Founded in silence

Blowing their minds unconsciously…

Underestimate me

While I stay focused on my billionaire mindset…Low-key,

That’s the formula for a wealthy degree,

Sorry not sorry

Your expectations just ain’t for me…

Viral my bank account, that’s what the world can do for me…

All rights reserved and spoken by Shana A. @

This link will take you to all platforms of purchasing Watering Flames…

I am Shana A.


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