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Young Emily

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Young Emily was bundled in a blue wool peacoat. Shivering from February’s hawk with her fist balled up in white and blue mittens. The hood of her coat pulled tight amongst the face. Her nose running from the crisp cold air. She walked in front of her favorite local convenient store. Noticing something rare & shiny…

A vibrate color that sparkled her eyes. She passively walked closer in curiosity approaching this unusual object… It didn’t speak to her conscious in familiarity.  It didn’t respond to her touch in a way she could disclose. She wondered if it was an object cursed or if it was merely just a piece of cheap cloth…

Toggling her mind of what was uniquely different than what she was accustom to. She frantically dropped it back on the bench. Without reading the attached note on how to mass produce this material. Seeking warmth, she ran into the store leaving behind the gift from Gods for another to take hold…

It was a precious piece of cloth never seen before in her time. Poor Emily just didn’t have the time or the faith of goodness from something unfamiliar. It didn’t look like any fabric she’d seen. It didn’t respond to her curiosity like most known things…

Fear of the unknown of this valuable piece of silk. A garment that now make love to many skin tones. Absorbing the warmth of human essence into late night early morning passion. She walked away leaving it on a cold bench for someone who didn’t pose judgment. Letting someone else see the worth of the unknown, making them a fashion fortune…

Some people may not seem familiar to your way of doing things. It doesn’t give you the right to discredit them in any way or deem them of not being worthy. The greatest part about life is being different… Different don’t mean anything negative. Take the time to discover… On the other hand, there will always be people like Emily who lose out on friendships, lovers or fortune because of not taking the time to embrace the unfamiliar… Get to know before you judge… #YoungEmily 💜🙏🏾🏳️‍🌈 Never heard of vibrate colors look it up...

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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