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You Opened Me

💜💋 #youopenedme

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You Opened Me

Let heaven wait,

Here I am open…

Disclosing my love,

It is you…who opened my eyes

Into reopening my heart…

I’m thinking about you in ways I don’t want to restrain…

I don’t care to resist,

Every time I look at you

I fly into a grace of serenity

Along side the butterflies you give me

Healing the deepest part of me

Into wanting to love free,

With every love language

I’m blooming closer

Closer to your love

You have me open,

My key is your match…I’m hoping,

I’m rising, as we have so much in common…

I’m mesmerized, how in distance

You set me free,

YOU…reopened me…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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