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Updated: Feb 20

Thank you @1mezurashii for another dope beat!!! I appreciate you tremendously… Next one we’ll be a duet…💋

She’s on my mind… 💜🏳️‍🌈💋 #worthy


Here’s my soul’s truth

Just Listen,

I want you to know the marrow of my heart, mind & soul

I’m not a pillow princess

I wanna suck out your soul,

I feel your worthy of my truthful desires,

I’m laying here contemplating the unthinkable

For you to be the Dj of my heart

In lyrics when the mind is unspeakable

I’ll open my heart in written dialog

To the beat of letting you know you’re more than worthy,

I believe when you were conceived…you was born ready to love me…

I felt your energy the second my soul was ready to receive it,

I’m falling into the spiral of your seduction without fear

Your charisma is making love to surfaces of me unfelt,

When I close my eyes

I feel we’re matched made in heaven,

The reason other loves failed me…

Oh baby you’re worthy,

Worthy of all the love I’m holding,

We’re both deserving…

I was born ready to love you…

Oh baby you’re more than worthy

I’m in awe of

Your pictures feeding me energy

Dade’s county finest, you wasn’t lying

Your smile is the sun on my rainy days

Bigger than the moon your my daily grace

You’ve become the light in my heart in dark skies

Together our love will rise high

Oh baby you’re worthy,

Observing from a far how dope your soul is,

Proud of all your worthy wins,

I was intrigued before noticing your outer beauty,

It’s your personality what’s got me blushing,

You deserve all the feels I’m feeling,

You’ll be the deepest love I’ve ever given…

Oh baby you’re worthy

And I’m ready to love you,

Baby you’re worthy and

We’re both deserving…

Oh baby you’re worthy, and I’m more than ready to love you…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

Music Beat produced by Sylv Mezurashii


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