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Weak, Karmic Grievances

Sometimes you have to fight controversy with controversy… The reason morals aren’t respected anymore is because we allow this new behavior of disrespect. I told y’all I can only be ME… No other writer or Poet, Me!!! An urban Poet that’s real and raw… Especially since self-righteous poems get banned and over looked. I’ll be the fire that says what people think, but can’t say…

#weakkarmicgreivances 💜💯🙏🏾🫶🏾🗣️🏳️🌈

Weak, Karmic Grievances

When I think about the word weak,

The best way to describe that word is;

Men or women that prey, and mentally and physically abuse women,

Proceeding emotional abusing

With words that destroy the foundation of their kingdom…

What happen to honoring and respecting all women,

Men protecting us from dangerous conditions,

Now the danger lies between the fist of fingers

In karmic defenses,

Six feet deep from a bad decision…


Men watched a woman get beat with no intervention


Karmic grievances…

What happen to supporting each other,

Now in phony smiles of jealousy

The trend is turning on our own sisters,

In competition suffering from single white/black female syndrome…

When I think about the word weak

I think those who don’t voice their real emotions,

Bullies who hide behind computers…

I think of people who can’t learn to love each other,

Along with those who can’t be kind but whether judge one another…

When I think about the crime and the disconnection,

It confirms we no longer have orderly organization…

I think of how the word weak has become a calamity

Resulting in segregation instead of togetherness strengthening sanity…


How can I not speak,

The truth of the world is,

We’re quick to judge without making moves

The bold moves

To save the world,

Maybe Black panther style need to be reaffirmed…

Is the world too busy maintaining an image…Inhuman,

Afraid to admit they’ve been a victim,

Wanting to always appear strong and independent

But sacrificing the real objectives,

In the continued fight for equality…

How long will weaknesses result in homophobia, senseless deaths, racism and diminishing friendships


A simple word with an extreme meaning, that continues to end in karmic grievances…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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