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Wake Me Up, Beloved

Wake Me Up, Beloved

Woke-up still sleeping,

Dreaming of needs

Thinking my heart is free,

Feeling of survival

Completion of my title…

Revelations of me,

Strong on most days

Still so much I can’t say,

Missing element, my flame

I’m waiting to portray

To paint the perfect picture,

To elicit the depth of my passion…

Vigor of my needs

To release in her arms

To hear her calm my storms

Betwixt the softness of my legs

Laying amongst my breasts

In the fervor of deep conversations

Needing that electric fire

To feed my hungry desires

In relentless guidance

In the moonlight rising the highest,

Magnetic vibrations can’t withstand distance

To be touched by the warmth of her fingers

Kissed by her lips creases

Safe in the oasis of her presence…

Battling alone

Hoping to come home,

Wake me up, beloved

I have needs…

There’s a part me missing,

To cease the friction

When the truth outshine doubters,

Don’t want her to be my savior

Only to sit at each other’s table

Feasting of the works of our labor,

When I think of what I need

You’re the missing piece…

Wake me up from dreaming,

The day you add to my completion…

Hello December!!! 💜💋🙏🏾♐️ #wakemeupbeloved

Art by Kymistry @kymberly1985

Words written and copyrighted by Shana A. ©️


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