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Valentine’s Day Admirer

You can read this Audible Short Story on my website or any of my poetry accounts… Link in my Bio!!!

Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day and don’t let that loving energy be just for today… 💋💋💋💋🌹💜🏳️‍🌈😄 #valentinesdayadmirer

Valentine's Day Admirer

It’s been over two years since Alexis broke up with her girlfriend. In her mind she was happy being single. Although she healed and craved affection. She did everything she could to avoid love. Neglecting her sensual nature that was rumbling storms of desires left unfulfilled. The memories of her failed relationships kept her distant from exploring the idea of dating again. The past was still haunting her.

Until one Valentine’s Day she was bored surfing the Internet and there she was. Everything was still! She could no longer hear her cat purring. She was completely deaf into the eyes of a mysterious androgynous woman named Lana. Her heart immediately started pounding a song of love. Something about her passionate eyes, and charismatic grin pulled her into a fantasy of true love beginning.

Alexis always thought she could never meet a woman she was interested in on the internet. She thought love could only be greeted face to face. What Alexis didn’t know is that Lana had been waiting for her to notice her. Lana was secretly admiring her social media posts. Alexis couldn’t overcome the powerful energy she felt just looking at her.

She laid back on her bed and put on random R&B music and looked down Lana’s timeline. She was intrigued at how she could feel Lana’s spirit. It wasn’t just her looks. It was her ability to see into her soul virtually. The rarest most powerful spiritual connection. The more she saw the more she grew curious. She was more turned on with every scroll. She went into a trance where the future was staring at her. She was walking hand and hand with Lana. Both laughing sipping coffee at a coffee shop. It felt like they’ve known each other for years. They both were waiting to meet in this life. They talked for hours until the coffee shop barista told them it was closing time.

It started raining outside and they decided to walk back to Alexis place in the rain. Soaking wet holding hands. Lana stopped and pulled her into her arms and kissed her into a passionate niagara fall. Wetter in between her panties than her body. She blurted out she loved her. Without thinking, without fear, without a timeline. She just exposed her heart through the layers of her soul. To her surprise Lana was feeling the same.

They went inside of Alexis apartment. Into a heated romance of kissing while taking each other clothes off. Alexis forgot all about her 90-day rule, she fell into faith. The complete opposite of what she did with her previous relationships. She was solely relaying on the universe’s timing and what felt good to her spirit.

She hadn’t been sexually touched in years. She hasn’t felt a kiss that made her drip. Lana knew she needed this love. She pulled her to the bed gently laying her on her back. She began to write poems between her legs with her tongue. Alexis moaned a symphony of exhaling desires she’s been holding inside. She didn’t want Lana just pleasing her. She whispered softly in Lana’s ear. “Let’s taste each other.” Lana flipped over on her back. Then she grabs Alexis by her waist and set her backwards on her face. She began to write her a sonnet to the oral lyrics Lana was licking…

Together they fell into what was meant to be. Putting fear and the thought of failure to the side. They both found they were made for each other. The yang of all yings… Alexis fell deep into a mystical paradise she’s yearned for. She never felt so safe and so assured of her actions. Until her alarm clock woke her. She couldn’t believe everything was a dream. A vision of the universe gateway of the future. Alexis knew she needed to bring that dream true. In order for that dream to come true she needed to contact Lana. Initiate some form of conversation. Seeming as though they both were shy and fighting the fear of rejection. Something Alexis was not use to, but she feared of the dream not happening. So why not try! She grabbed her computer and messaged Lana with a sweet Hello. Lana responded immediately as if she was waiting for this moment.

Alexis was honest and told her about the weird feelings and the dream she had. Lana laughed, and said she had something similar. Two women who both had love for each other almost let love get away. If Alexis didn’t listen to the signals of the universe, she would not have known Lana was feeling the same. They agreed to meet the next day at the coffee shop like in her dream.

When Alexis faced her, she realized she had found a part of her inner herself. The fertilization to her divine feminism in another form, another body, with a different personality, but still a part of her that’s been missing. She was staring into her first true love, her very own valentine…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

Pictures designed by Shana A.


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