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Updated: Mar 6

Every downfall wished against me backfires… I am duality, the daughter of the sun… I’m undefined… #undefined 🧿🧿🧿💜🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾💋☀️👑

“This be the realest shit I’ve ever wrote”


Who is she…is the real question

I am duality

I’m the evolution of a Queen

I am a woman walking with the power of the sun….

I burned through manipulation with one pull of my string

I stood strong and arched my arrow back to the beams…

Recharging my strength with solar radiation

Alluding a beauty of essence undefined

I’m uncategorized…

I can’t be defined…

I don’t walk the same line…

I evolved every minute

I am a chameleon of energy…

I can’t be place into a category…

Just when you think I’m not smart enough

I puzzle your mind in philosophy

When you think I’m too bougie

I spit fire of slang

Reminding you of where I came…

When you think I’m not soft enough

I sing songs that speak of our hearts

Just when you think I’m not sexy

I turn your flesh into my flesh and we become one…

When you think I’m weak

I shine the light of a Queen that broke against barriers of discrimination,

betrayal and segregation…

When you think I’m mean

I show you I’m yinyanging the dots through her clouds to smile pass the evil eye to surrender to love

I’m uncategorized…

I can’t be defined…

I don’t walk the same line…

I fell in love with my Dopeness

I only allude realness

I’m crazy and sane

Fire that loves water

I can’t be defined for I’m light and darkness

A combustible energy of a goddess…

I’m loving elements of me I couldn’t see

I’ve opened my chakras into divine femininity,

Without being burned I couldn’t heal

To walk in greatness of survival of the fittest,

My worth is nonnegotiable

I study my mistakes

To forgive and let go…so I can never be fake…

I speak of me

Nobody else story is for me to speak

I’m only interested in me and my soon to be kween

And those who love everything I exude…

I can’t be defined

I love clothes but it’s not the basis of my world

I can make something out of nothing look like a million bucks…

I feed the homeless without recording their struggle,

I’ll admit I been a fool for love,

But it made my heart grow stronger…

I’ve been too loyal in broken friendships

I gave the snakes the bait to bite me

I’m too many things I can’t be a category…

One thing I know I am love

I have the desires to make her feel adored…

I am strength

I’m a women that healed from things set out to destroy me

I am beauty

I stayed natural away from the medical gangs toolset

I am hope

I still believe in fairytales

I am magical

I heal through words

I spread goodness and mercy

I’m uncategorized…

I can’t be defined…

I don’t walk the same line…

Nobody’s like me

I’m a ray of energy

If you ask who is she

I’m undefined…I’m not a category…

The words are available on my website

Lesbian Erotic Poetry

Written, Produced and Spoken by Shana A. ©️


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