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Tonight I release my burdens to the moon. I leave the illusion of love for my characters in my books…

I will no longer fear the storms of love. Letting what’s dead block new love. I will allow the right key to turn. I have everything I want, but what is it without love. I been hiding in my shadow avoiding the climb to reach my peak. Allowing pain from the past to block new entry.

I allowed the demons to inflame my mind. To tarnish the love I have inside. To destroy my passion I bleed through ink. Hoping to destroy my name to block fame. I no longer choose to respond to speculations of my heart, soul & reputation. My past has died with dementia. No more memory of hurtful leeches.

I can no longer let the shenanigans of demonic sinister to try to bring me down. Every evil eye has now gone blind. I know my heart and intentions and I am love. I am worthy of every love poem. I am worthy of a love that can hold my hand through this hike of life. I’m worthy of someone looking at me as if no one else matters. I’m worthy of a woman that can see my imperfections as growth in the right direction. I’m worthy of being loved from sunrise to sunset to dawn. Lost in each others arms. Loving every part of my crazy to my hilarious. To my sensuality to my intelligence.

I deserve picnics surrounded with butterflies flying over us. I deserve to live free, being me without anyone controlling me. I deserve someone that can love me open and honestly. I can no longer overextend love to who can not love me. I can no longer feed into negativity. Allowing imperfect people to judge me. I escaped heartbreak prison. Now it’s time for me to dance in white on pink sand beaches. Sipping champagne on the verandah with Eiffel Tower wishes… I deserve love. God knows what my heart and soul has been though on the account of love. Now it’s time that love return. I deserve to be respected as a lesbian. I deserve apologies, but I won’t wait for them to be spoken. I am in control of my destiny. Today I let go of every thing yesterday brought to me. Smiling  into tomorrow knowing this is a new beginning… Shana A. ©️💜💋🙏🏾


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