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One of the most disrespectful thing to do is to try coming in between any form of love. Keyword LESBIAN, WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN MEN… Accept that reality and stop trying to sabotage what you can’t destroy… It look so thirsty and pathetic to stalk someone that NEVER think of you… There are plenty of bisexual women out here or straight women. Protect your mental health and stop focusing on what can never be…

As a lesbian it’s saddens me to be judged by people who don’t know me, discriminated against or toyed with because I love women. It’s not your business…

My love for whoever is my business and there is nothing that can be written, said or done to change who I choose to love…

If you’re suffering from drug/alcohol abuse or mental health issues, there is plenty of resources for you to get help.

Spend your time focusing on you!!!

Continuing to try to hurt people you don’t know, stalking or any form of hate; is broken behavior! Stop breaking good hearted people because of your pain… This platform is instagram NOT YOURS... We are all free to reveal our creativity here… what’s sad is people who support these people and get mad at the victims for speaking up… This world need a lot love…

I come on here to post my talent not childish bs and it’s too many of us women and lesbians that use this platform for our healing, inspiration etc. Keep the childish bullshit… It’s getting super old!

I never had an issue with men, now I am really trying not to hate y’all!! Nothing like the men I grew up with… Straight women, I’ll pray for y’all who have to deal with the foolery of childish men… I tried supporting everybody but I see I can’t!!!


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