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Taste Your Vibe

Happy Pride Month… 💜💋🏳️‍🌈☀️🐅

Taste Your Vibe

I want to liquefy in a vibe,

With the harmony of your nature because I’m loving without explanation…it’s just my human nature…and I’m so ready to taste ya…

When the sun beam the brightest,

When the sky is the perfect shade of blue, and the grass glistens from drying morning dew…

Can I lay still on a blanket in this beauty of nature with you…

Until nightfall

While we stare at the stars

Naming the brightest ones that have captured our hearts…

See baby I’m shy until I meet you

Then you’ll notice my hips sway with the breeze of me passing tulips…as I walk towards your way…with a vibe that will breathe life into every vessel of you…

I want to taste you down to the origins of your vibe,

With appetizers of your secrets

With an entree of what you require

Filled up in desserts of your guilty pleasures…

Let me say it again,

I’m shy when I first meet you

Bashful like a kitten, a few more hours later I’m purring to you like a tigress…

When I want savor your vibe,

I want it to take me high…high…high

On your emotional joyride…

I don’t want to give my greatness away to another

I want to unwind in your playlist of words with us getting to know each other,

I want to forget that grasshoppers exist while we layback in solar bliss

And you tell me how you like erotic bondage and sex games under a fluorescent moonlight

When your confessions spilling from golden champagne…under twilight…

You got me…wondering

A mindstorm without thundering,

Do like your women strong & independent or do you feel the need to be the main provider tell me what you require…

See I want to look in your eyes and solve every mystery you hide

Down to your hotspots where you can’t resist the pressure…as you glide on top

Grinding to the beat of owls howling from the treetop…as a soul refresher…

Your abs leading my tongue to the pathway of your heaven,

Let me indulge all of you,

From your cocky demeanor down to your soft emotional aggression…

Becoming one in nature with you,

While I taste the drippings from your priceless pearls

Filling me up on all of you…the one I love.

All right reserved by Shana A. ©️


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