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It had been years, since I tasted the feline drips of passion on my lips…

The anticipation to moisten my rose betwixt her lips made me ready for what’s next. Dressed in a purple t-shirt with laced panties, my hair black-bone straight, hormones roared the calling to my soulmate…

I could smell her pleasure lips leaving the elevator heading to my condo door. I greeted her with my legs crossed holding in my tropical storm… There were no words. In seconds, our tongues were singing in moans…

Her hands gripped my bottom love handles leading me under the candlelight as the centerpiece on the dining room table, kicking her shoes across the floor… She could feel the build up of my salacious desires… She entered the center of my rose with two fingers, gripped in tightness…she licked my pistil like chocolate pudding into heartbeats of bells clicking…

I flooded her mouth as she moaned of fullness… Grinding her face and her fingers I rumbled the unthinkable… Releasing years of intensity with her hairs between my fingers, my soul entered her body… Leaving erotic perspiration all over my t-shirt, freed from traces of laced panties…no more build up pressure of fantasies…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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