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Sunday Breakfast

There’s nothing better than waking up late on a rainy Sunday to breakfast in bed with her… After hours of making love… My hair all over my head. Naked, wrapped in satin sheets. Smiling without noticing…

I knew everything she wanted because in relationships communication is most important. Observation so you can surprise her later!!! She returned the favor…

We didn’t have to wonder. We could almost finish each other sentences. That’s the bond we built. Relationships take work to understand each other. It’s a partnership! It’s being able to feel without words and confirmation with words… Overthinking, mind games and hiding your feelings is played out.

I want to be able to know what she need in the morning, when she leaves for work. When she’s exhausted, so I caress her layers… When she’s sad so I can make her laugh. I want to keep her happy which makes me happy… Keeping the fridge stocked with all of her delights. The stereo set to all the songs we like…

I never want to guess when it comes to love. We built a bond on communication… I love you! You have to do the work, when you want your relationship to work!!! Close mouths never get fed, is true!!! 😃💜💋🙏🏾🏳️‍🌈 #breakfastinbed #nosadsongshere

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