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Stolen Stories

(Alter Ego Activated) I’ve lost a lot respect from writers I thought were amazing. Only to find out they use their fake talent by stealing creative ideas from others. TOTAL WASTE!!!

What’s even sadder, the ones who support it all to feel the need to fit in. Anything for likes & attention!!! If you go down my page half of my titles, my true love story and feelings stolen from people who don’t know how to tell their own stories…

I don’t care how good of a writer you are, if you’re not authentic it’s wack!!! Real recognize real… They end up just being words while mines are bleed from the soul and everybody knows… Here’s your attention haters… ALL MY WORK IS ORIGINAL BLEED BY MY HANDS FROM MY OWN STORIES WITH NO HELP but I do have several witnesses…Copyrighted… I’m from the Chi, don’t ever forget it. Thanks for giving me new stories to tell… You don’t have to like me, I’m just being real… Be careful messing with nice people, we finish last!!! #Confident 🫶🏾💯💜👑🖊🤡 #StolenStories

To be continued… Next destination! 💜

Stolen Stories

No attention!

Anything for likes…

While I slay these lines you like…

Stolen stories

From Maybach poetry…

Titles of no authenticity

Words with no emotions

Trying be like me,

Instead you turned a whore for poetry…

Plagiarizing for the wolves

That can’t get their hands on this jewel…

You can’t replace words bleed from the soul

Ashes of love scorned,

Stolen stories

Roses cut by their own thorns…

Drenched by purple passion,

Thunderous hate clapping…

To the top…I’m maxing…

Originality lacking…

Stolen stories

Thieves of the industry

Making a mockery of individuality…

Stolen poetry,

By villains of the community

Looking pathetic

In desperation of attention from me… By Shana A. ©️

Purple Flames: Inferno of Poetry &

Passions of Love

Available on Amazon, Apple iBooks & Barnes & Noble


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