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State of Mind

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State of Mind

I’m in a state of mind where I’ve realized my mistakes…I’ve unmasked the truth,

And in isolation I realize I’m ready for completion…

Where I want my fire to be tamed in her waves,

Where we are each others aphrodisiac and my smoke is simmering through airwaves…

Airwaves magnetically pulling us together into a passion where

She’s feeding my mind and soul with all the knowledge I need to stay whole…

I will be claimed her Queen

As one…our devotion can inebriate us into levels never seen…

She’s my smiley face of love

My protection

Where I feel safe delivering my message…

I’m sitting in this state of mind

Where I no longer want to be alone,

I want the power to empower,

And she my missing keystone…

All my work is written and spoken by me

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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