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Spectral Transformation

Spectral Love Transformation

Our eyes discoed under the balmy  moonlight,

Whispering magic created unforeseen adulation…

Rescuing my arcane heart from the darkness nights,

Together we emit of the brightest light,

Creating an amorist feeding through your ferocious exterior,

I found love hidden in you inner psyche

Converting a spectral love transformation

Living in the marrow of my myocardium,

You are the bisection of me missing,

You glow whenever I’m in your presence…

Now our love live in a galaxy of ariose words,

Keeping our souls bind through distance…you’re there but here with me,

Ghostly making love to my body… By Shana A. ©️

Donnez vie au rêve… 💜🫶🏾😘🦁

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