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Soul Speaks

Soulful Speak

A gentle breeze of your aura flows through my braids,

A feel of you squeezing my bosom

Indoors…I’m wet in lace…

In the rain,

You speak to me silently…

In days when lilacs turn blue

Grey skies rumble in the blues

Sun rays peek through the clouds glistening my skin,

Shining the truth in clarity

There is no uncertainty

I don’t need to see or touch you to know that you love me…

My darling,

I was created in this life and all the lives before and after to love you…

Your soul speak to me nightly

In hours roaring you want me,

I lay in the adore passionately…

On stormy days

I think of you

Clearing the skies

To what I know is true,

I rule the cosmos only with you…

In time, I’ll be there with you…

When the stars align accepting what we knew

Privately voicing the truth…

It all began,

The day our eyes danced in a different dimension

Creating songs that will sing along future legends…

The soul is speaking, I need you,

Can you hear my soul

Wondering how long we’ll go through this trial

Wanting to connect to the parts of each other never dialed…

The yearn of loving the crevices unhealed,

Licking the fruits of your creation

Being your ultimate feel,

To rejoice in the communion of love

In what we both know is real…

Better than a generic olive branch delivered late,

Next time it’ll be delivered in truth by faith…

In assurance that I’m the woman

That can hear you in silence through galaxies apart into moon phases,


For when you’re ready…

For the feel… 💜🏳️‍🌈🧿💋🥰☔️🌧️#Soulspeaks

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All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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