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Silent Assassin

Look everyday can’t be love. I speak on the issues the real issues… There’s a message in every poem, if you don’t get it ask!!! I want to perform live at poetry sets. Maybe I wanted your love and encouragement. I left out a few lines, but I want you to read to feel first!

There’s three words in my page name, stop thinking of just the one word, Erotic…

Lesbian- I write for lesbians because I am a lesbian…

Erotic- I’m sensual so sometimes I write erotic, so be warned…

Poetry- I write different genres of poetry, versatile…

Quit trying to put me in a box just because you see the word Erotic. It’s a period between each word for a reason…

💜🙏🏾♐️🧿🏳️‍🌈 #silentassassin

Silent Assassin

My alter ego,

She an Evelyn

Trained assassin, Jolie Salt…

I’m not trying to be beloved Maya

I’m trying to stay Shana

I’ll fight men to save the world

I’m willing to break necks to save love

I’m a Goddess to a warrior,

I’m killing silently

In no like counts or comments

To clear the phony climate…

Slaying to slay with versatile words

Blow a hole through the hate

To win some more…

Blocking phony vibes

Speaking hidden tongues of subliminal

They wish they knew the real me

Blocked from their mental…

Apologies surfacing

I rank high in cartel protection

Even higher with God’s direction,

The angel,

Making Blacks and Browns come together…

Demonic eyes of racism watching

Silent to my face and DM, plotting…

To destroy what they envy

Dodging their rabbit hole of destruction

Breaking free through blind corners

Succeeding in the unknowns

Escaping dark witches throes

Throwing back stones thrown,

Creating bombs of love

I fooled the minds of the fools

Falling on trucks to get what I want

Putting in 10 hours daily of work,

I dive into the ocean

Treading through trouble waters to join her

I’m not the mole to break they cover

The good befriended the bad

To avoid sabotage

Hoping my path don’t ruin true love….

Losing her ached everyday

Black hair to feature my face,

I disappear into the sea

Where nobody can find me

Into a silent shark attack

To let them know, Shana back…

The movie Salt is my favorite movie I love Angelina Jolie…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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