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She Found Me


She Found Me

Finding me, freed me into a sea of possibilities within the depths of real love…

My emotions broke the chains when I saw you,

I felt the breeze of your vibes circling my cage,

Before the tide came…hope became my rescue…

My heart walking free in this overwhelming sensation to love you,

My psyche yearned for reciprocal love, God sent you…

The one who breathes compassion

Feeling the beauty I exude…

In time my potential spoke to your soul,

In distance passion was invoked…

You…my equal,

Another loving soul

Someone who can nurture my miracles without excessive force…

Observation led you to see I needed love,

Realizing I’m a pomegranate on a hot summer day,

You seeped through my toughness to refresh in my sweetness

An invigorating compliment of love…

We shouldn’t fumble on a cosmic frequency,

In hidden desires…you found me,

Now you’re entangled with my innermost being…

Everything is written by Shana A. ©️

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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