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Seven Layers

I’m proud of who I am and where I’m from… #Sevenlayers 💜🙏🏾💋

Seven layers

No fiction,

Choices made for me starting at 7

I tasted the forbidden, kissing girls at 7

A choice not made of abomination

My innocence of life tainted at 7

Without knowledge I became what they hated

A black girl born to love only women,

In the hood of G’s I was protected

Raised to never sleep with the men in the area

I dodged bullets as we changed eras

Walking blocks that battled the red and blue terra

Built layers to survive the 7 gates of hell

That’s the hood, englewood

The ghetto’s anthem…

I was prepared for battle when Hoover commanded the streets with terror…

A heart of gold sleeping on hardwood floors

By choice when money held no weight to friendship, solid bonds was formulated… This was my mission…

In communion

My Mothers and Aunts taught the formula of a woman

Keeping my feminine side alive with layers to slay lost souls floating in purgatory… This is my story…

Choices I made, to live free

Carrying my humble beginnings

Avoiding the seven gates of hell

I made life choices to enter 7th Heaven…

They deemed us failures

I reversed the curse living through seven layers

Hood, smart, strong, relentless, loyal, honest plus feminine…

Yeah I’m bragging I beat the odds of winning…

Hell holds no repetition for me…

I’m living seven layers to keep my spirit free, no hate in my heart amongst these thieves…

I’m seven layers walking blessed down on my knees…

Thankful of my beginnings… Seven layers of winning… By Shana A. ©️


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